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Six Questions: Natalia Edwards, Horn

Get To Know the Festival's 2018 Fellows
July 18, 2018

NATALIA EDWARDS, horn with the Maverick Brass Quintet, first began her instrument at age 13 and is currently in her third year studying with Saul Lewis. In 2016, she received a scholarship to pursue a BM at the University of Melbourne and has since been awarded a number of scholarships and prizes, most recently the Eric and Linda Jullyan Memorial Scholarship. In December of 2016, Edwards was invited to play in Stuart Greenbaum’s 50th Birthday concert and was also selected to travel to Korea, in December 2017, for joint performances with students from the Music College at the University of Ulsan in  South Korea.

What is a favorite non-musical activity / what do you enjoy doing on your down time?

When I’m not playing the horn I love to do watercolor painting. I usually paint red foxes because I love their brightly colored fur and cheeky character. 

What are the first 5 items on your playlist?

Aurora: Running With the Wolves
Panic at the Disco: Impossible Year
Twenty One Pilots: March to the Sea
Noting but Thieves: Sorry
Alan Silvestri: Back to the Future 

What book are you currently reading?

Whisper by Lynette Noni

Why did you choose your instrument?

I had never intended to be a musician but when I was a toddler I always asked my grandparents to get the old hunting horn decoration down off the mantelpiece so I could play it. Then, having the chance to play a real horn in year 7 at school, I could instantly make a sound on the instrument. My music teacher let me take it home the very night I tried it and I’ve been playing it ever since. 

Do you have any pre-concert traditions?

I like to begin my concert days with a coffee and a gentle warm up. Right before going on stage usually play with a practice mute so that my sound feels very open on stage no matter what the acoustic is like. 

If you could create and play in any chamber ensemble, whom would it include?

I would love to play in a horn ensemble with horn players Dennis BrainSarah Willis, Stefan Dohr, Radek Baborák and David Cooper. It would be incredible to play with them but terrifying at the same time because I admire them so much!