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Six Questions: Aiden Kane, Viola

Get To Know the Festival's 2018 Fellows
July 28, 2018

Violist AIDEN KANE is an MM student (and BM alumnus) at the Colburn Conservatory of Music where she studies with Mr. Paul Coletti. Prior to attending the Colburn Conservatory, she studied with the National Symphony Orchestra’s principal violist Daniel Foster through the orchestra’s Youth Fellowship Program. Kane is the current violist of the Viano String Quartet, and former violist of the Calla Quartet. With the Calla Quartet, Kane was awarded the silver medal at the 2015 Fischoff Chamber Music Competition, and worked with Colburn’s theater director Debbie Devine to produce Colburn’s first Musical Encounters outreach concert.

What is a favorite non-musical activity / what do you enjoy doing on your down time?

I love to try to find hikes and activities around town that I have yet to explore, and to attempt to cook foods in the microwave (the only dorm-approved cooking appliance) that really should never be cooked in a microwave (fudge, omelettes, etc.). I also enjoy origami and sleeping.

What are the first 5 items on your playlist?

According to my phone’s music app, my current most played pieces are: Vaporize by Broken Bells, Little Black Submarines by The Black Keys, Welcome Home by Radical Face, Perfect Water by Blue Öyster Cult, and Topaz by Journey.

What book are you currently reading?

Do music scores count?

Why did you choose your instrument?

I play viola because I once delivered a joke badly.  Actually though– my parents dutifully started me on violin when I was three.  As a teenager, a violinist acquaintance asked if I could recommend a replacement violist for a gig, and I responded that I didn’t know any violists well enough to recommend them, but could always string up my violin as a viola and do the gig myself… and she took me up on the unintended offer. I eventually found myself obtaining a real viola, and realized at some point that it had become my primary instrument.

Do you have any pre-concert traditions?

I try to avoid actual practicing a half an hour before I go onstage, since practicing then only makes me more nervous (usually, I alternate between attempted improve and Facebook surfing).

If you could create and play in any chamber ensemble, whom would it include?

If this is a fantasy question, can I include a fictional character?  A piano quartet with Erik Satie (piano), Sherlock Holmes (violin), and Jacques Offenbach (cello).  It wouldn’t be a particularly professional bunch, I would imagine, but it would certainly be interesting.