[ Music Shed Restoration ]

Architect & Acoustician

The Architects: John G. Waite Associates


To oversee the first two phases, we have been fortunate to work with one of America’s most distinguished preservation architects, John G. Waite. A world-renowned expert in historic preservation, “Jack” Waite has supervised the renovation of hundreds of historic buildings including George Washington’s Estate, Mount Vernon; Edith Wharton’s home, The Mount; the Jefferson Rotunda at the University of Virginia; the Harry S. Truman Library; Baltimore Cathedral; the Lincoln Memorial and, most recently, the Statue of Liberty. Visit John G. Waite Associates Architects

“The Music Shed is nationally significant not only for its unique design and extraordinary acoustics, but also because it is one of the first summer music facilities constructed in the United States. The goals of the restoration are to preserve its architectural and acoustical integrity, improve the functional quality of its facilities, and enhance audience comforts to meet twenty-first century standards. The Music Shed is one of America’s most important cultural monuments and should be designated a National Historic Landmark. We are looking forward to preserving it for audiences for generations to come.” — Jack Waite


The Acoustician: Larry Kirkegaard

LLirkegaardAcoustician Larry Kirkegaard will assure that the already excellent acoustics of the Music Shed will remain as thrilling and memorable for future generations as they have been for those who have treasured the Shed since its debut.

Performers and audiences around the world have placed their trust in Larry’s ability to listen intently to a hall and wait patiently for it to speak back to him. It tells him of its history, its music, its fine musicians, and about all those who committed themselves to the dream of its very existence. Larry doesn’t take this responsibility lightly. That trust has been rewarded in the renovations of many of the world’s greatest concert facilities: Symphony Hall in Boston, the Academy of Music in Philadelphia, the Concert Hall at the Sydney Opera House, Royal Festival Hall and the Barbican Concert Hall in London, the Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow, the beloved Concert Hall at the Liszt Academy in Budapest, and even the re-renovation of Carnegie Hall. Summer Music Festivals have been transformed by the magic of Ozawa Hall at Tanglewood and the extraordinary Benedict Music Tent in Aspen

We are pleased that Larry shares our enthusiasm for all that is special about our Music Shed and that he looks forward to discovering even more wonderment for us to celebrate and enjoy. Visit Kirkegaard Associates