[ special event ]

Yale Choral Artists

Wednesday, June 21  ·  7:30 pm  ·  Music Shed

Whitman, Melville and Dickinson — Passions of Bloom

A new work by Martin Bresnick

Whitman, Melville and Dickinson — Passions of Bloom, a large-scale work for soloists, chorus and orchestra commissioned this year from Martin Bresnick by the New Haven Festival of Arts and Ideas.

This musical journey of passion, insight and revelation celebrates the writings of legendary poets Emily Dickinson, Herman Melville and Walt Whitman alongside the texts and reflections of Harold Bloom, master teacher and secular evangelist of American Literature at Yale University.  Modeled on J.S. Bach’s St. John Passion, the Yale Choral Artists will perform under the direction of Jeffrey Douma.

Martin Bresnick  composer
Jeffery Douma  conductor,  Yale Choral Artists