[ Faculty Artist Performance ]


Technological Advances

Friday, July 12 •  8:00PM •  Music Shed

Concerto for Flute, Horn, and Continuo
Flute Sonata
Twilight Music
Piano Quintet in f minor

Composers and performers have always sought instruments that enlarge sonic and expressive possibilities, and instrument makers have responded, making instruments capable of greater power and finesse. This program allows you to hear the step from harpsichord to piano, from natural horn to the modern horn, as well as the introduction of the metronome in Beethoven’s music, where the composer establishes a greater power over the performer by dictating with specificity how fast or slow the music should be performed.

William Purvis  horn, Melvin Chen piano,
with Fellows of the Norfolk Festival

Concert Tickets: $60 – $20, $10 (Young Adults 19-35), and Kids Come Free! (under 19)


Come Early for a Pre-Concert Conversation with Paul Berry
7:00PM •  Battell Recital Hall •  Free Event, No Ticket Required

Join us before the concert for an engaging and enlightening viewpoint on a musical topic related to this evening’s program. Only came to join the Conversation, but want to stay for the concert? Tickets will be available for purchase at the Music Shed Box Office before the concert.