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  • Carl and Ellen Battel lStoeckel

  • Left to Right: Broadus Erle, Aldo Parisot, Elias Carmen, Kieth Wilson, Paul Ingraham, Syoko Aki and Page Ramond Page, 1972

  • A performance in the Music Shed,
    late 1950s

  • The Music Shed, 1906

  • The Music Shed before the 1940's

  • A publicity post card prior to the 1940s.

  • The MusicShed, 1906

  • Ellen Battell Stoeckel


The images below are of the first class of Norfolk Fellows in 1941.
Courtesy of Lorraine Crittendon Atkinson

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  • Between classes outside the Barn

  • A student ensemble

  • An evening of fold dancing

  • A coaching by Professor Stoeber, head of cello and chamber music activities.

  • Prof. Kortshack leading the orchestra